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Parlux Superturbo 3200 Compact

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Parlux is a fantastic brand for professionals and private use and, for the money, the Parlux 3200 is probably the best hair dryer you can buy.

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Donna Smith

30th September 2017

By Donna Smith

Wife, mum, teacher.

I have had the same hairdryer for 14 years and, although it operated just fine, the filter at the back had broken. I decided that my hair was due a treat and set out to find the best hairdryer within my budget. I was looking at £100 or less and wanted a respected brand. Parlux was recommended to me by a friend and I researched it carefully and discovered that it is a professional brand used widely in salons. It seemed a good place to start! The Parlux 3200 cost just over £70 and, considering my old one cost less than £20, I was expecting wonderful results. I purchased from Just My Look as this was the best value for money with free delivery. I chose the 3200 rather than the newer Parlux versions due to the price bracket I was looking at and also that I wanted a powerful, professional dryer and wasn't too interested in trying on with ionic technology. I wanted a good, solid, tried and tested hairdryer!

Parlux 3200

I ordered on a bank holiday weekend but the hairdryer still came quickly - within a few days. The outer packaging from the retailer was solid but I wasn't wow-ed by the hairdresser box. There wasn't anything to suggest this was an expensive, professional hairdryer with this box design. The box contained the hairdryer, two attachments and a booklet. The booklet said instructions and warranty but really it's just a very limited warranty booklet. I had been hoping for a little bit about what each attachment is best used for. So overall my first impressions were not outstanding. I didn't feel like I had bought an expensive product.

Parlux 3200

However, as soon as I used the hairdryer I was VERY impressed. First of all, the colour is beautiful (and there are a few to choose from) and the lead is nice and long allowing for styling without having to be right next to a socket. The buttons allow me to select two speed and three temperature settings as well as a cold shot. The cold shot is excellent - and actually cold unlike my old hairdryer! This is great for setting the style. The box claims that the Parlux 3200 is lightweight and perhaps it is when compared to other professional hairdryers but I didn't find it to be overly light compared to my old hairdryer. Some of the other Parlux models are lighter by 30 grams or so. However, the hairdryer is so powerful and dries hair so quickly that the weight isn't an issue and I could comfortable hold it throughout dries. The nozzle attachments allow for straight blow-drying with ease! I have long hair so drying it straight can take up a considerable amount of time but I have found that the Parlux is so powerful that the drying time is reduced by at least a third! I am really pleased with this.

Parlux 3200

The main advantage of this hair dryer is the variable speed and temperature controls as this allows it to be used for all hair types and hair styles. It helps to prevent over-drying as I can change to a gentler/cooler setting when my hair is almost dry. I am also very impressed with the powerful motor and the fact that the outer body is not hot to the touch after being used.

The main disadvantage of this hair dryer is that it is not as lightweight as I thought it would be but it is not unreasonably heavy at all.

Leila El-Dean

23rd February 2014

By Leila El-Dean

I like tea, travel, cameras, food and hot sauce.

Unlike other dryers that can be too heavy to hold for very long, the Parlux 3200 is comfortable, it fits well into your hand and doesn't strain your wrist when you are lifting it up and down for hours.

The entire product is well designed, it dries really fast and the final finish is superb.

Light and Convenient

Whoever designed the Parlux 3200 must have had hairdressers in mind. Most clients would think something this light would be bad quality or take a long time to dry, but the opposite is true.

I would say that the location of the buttons on the Parlux 3200 is much more suited to someone drying your hair for you, rather than you drying it yourself, but they have been positioned so that they are convenient for either hand, front or back, and I can't really think of another place they could put them where they wouldn't get in the way sometimes.

For carrying around, the light weight design is a dream, and the entire model is also really durable. I've dropped mine a couple of times and there is no sign of damage at all.

But it's not just the 3200 model that is this good, I've been using Parlux hair dryers for years and they all seem really good quality.

Great Value for Money

One of the best things about the Parlux 3200 is the price. It's a lot cheaper than some of the other models from the same brand, but the results are very impressive.

I know the wattage on this model is slightly lower but the way that this hair dryer works means you can still get really fast, efficient dry that leaves hair looking much better than other brands of a higher wattage.

The 3200 is also not ionic, which can make a lot of difference if you are drying your hair a lot. But if your budget doesn't run to the more expensive models in the Parlux range then I would say that the 3200 is going to be better than any other hair dryer you could buy.

Well Designed Nozzles

This model comes with 2 different nozzles which are designed for differing lengths of hair and different styles to focus the air where you need it most.

Use the smaller, more concentrated nozzle for curling or finishing off, while the big wide nozzle is great for the first general dry or for a softer overall look.

3 speed settings give you all the control you need and this model never gets too hot, so you don't have to worry about hair singeing.

Great Range of Colours

For most people, the colour of your hairdryer doesn't really matter (unless you want to coordinate it with your bedroom or something) but for professionals, coordinating your hairdryer with the livery of your business gives a really professional finish. So it's good to see that Parlux have taken this on board and given a range of colour options.

I would definitely recommend the Pink colour which has an almost pearl effect. It looks very professional and gives clients the confidence that you offer a highly skilled service. For me it is the icing on the cake and one of the reasons I will use Parlux for as long as I can.

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To read more on this model, check out the Parlux 3200 homepage here (opens new window).


  • Colours: Black, Brown, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver
  • Power (watts): 1900
  • Airflow (m3/ hour): 69
  • Weight (grams): 530
  • Nozzles: 2


Weight (g)

Power (w)

Airflow (m3/hour)



Dyson Supersonic



41 L/s


ghd Air





Parlux 3200





Parlux 3800





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