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Karcher WV50 Window Vac

ease of use
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Though it can be difficult to get smaller windows as this package does not include the narrower wiping blade, the Karcher WV50 will still get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Axel Meguellati

17th November 2016

By Axel Meguellati

Young adult looking for the right product

Anyone who has single-glazed, Victorian sash windows will know how regularly you have to clean them and how annoying it is to spend ages cleaning only to be left with patchwork of streaks. Not anymore thanks to the Karcher Window Vac. It has turned one of the most annoying cleaning chores into one of the easiest.

Karcher WV50

Having previously heard a lot about the Window Vac online our local B&Q happened to have a hands-on display in store. Complete with a display window, it gave us a chance to try the Window Vac before we bought it and we were sold immediately by how easy it was to use, and the fact that the day we went B&Q had it on offer. Already being the owner of a Karcher pressure washer, we knew what great quality products Karcher made. You would not expect anything less from a German manufacturer would you?

In the box the Karcher Window Vac comes with a detachable suction nozzle and charging cable. Other nozzles and accessories come with other models and are also sold separately.

Karcher WV50

The Window Vac is lightweight (weighing less than a bag of sugar) yet feels incredibly sturdy and sits comfortably in your hand when in use. It is very easy to use with a single on/off button located on the handle, allowing you to operate it with just one hand. Wash your windows with a sponge and soapy water then use the Window Vac in the same manner that you would use an ordinary squeegee. It sucks up the water as you move down the window collecting it in the detachable water tank. Not only are you left with streak-free windows but you no longer have to clean up the dirty water that is usually dragged down onto the window sills with an ordinary squeegee.

Karcher WV50

The water tank is large enough that you do not have to empty it after every use. When it is full simply unclip the small rubber plug and empty the water down the sink. It’s as easy as that. It is also incredibly quiet when in use. I was expecting it to be as loud as a vacuum cleaner however it is no more louder than hum of a desk fan.

It’s not until you start using the Karcher Window Vac that you realise that it can be used for so more than just cleaning your windows. I use it after I have had a shower to remove the water from the shower screen and tiles. This greatly reduces the amount of time I have to spend cleaning the bathroom, a job which I hate to do. I use it for removing condensation from the inside of our windows and from our bathroom mirror after a shower. I have also used it to clean up spills in our kitchen and on our wooden floors reducing the metres and metres of kitchen roll that I used to use, and saving money in the process. I also use it on the car, both the windows and the body work.

We have seven large windows, each approximately 2m high, in our ground floor flat so we get quite a few uses out of a single charge, however owners with more windows may have to recharge after every use. The charging wire plugs into the bottom of the Window Vac and it takes roughly 2 or so hours to fully charge.

Overall I think the Karcher Window Vac is such a clever and useful product, and has far more uses around the house than just cleaning windows. I could no longer imagine cleaning without it!

Agata Pokutycka

28th February 2015

By Agata Pokutycka

home-maker, blogger, foodie - more at

Karcher WV50 Window Vac is the basic model of the Karcher Window Vacs range.

It is important to note that it is still the same machine that comes as the WV50 Plus, WV60 and WV70 models; the only difference is there are no spares or extra accessories. All you get is the Window Vac and a wide 280mm blade; that's all, nothing else is included (don't worry you still get your charger, manual and a registration card).

Karcher WV50

The Karcher WV50 Window Vac is an extremely handy little machine. It weights only 0.7kg and it "sits" very well in your hand. The wide blade is ideal for large areas - windows, mirrors, tiled walls and even floors. The idea of the Karcher WV50 Window Vac is to suck water / moisture from your desired surface and the WV50 performs this task very well.

The Karcher WV50 Window Vac due to its weight is fitted with quite a small battery. The manufacturer states that it can clean 40-60m2 per charge; that is supposed to be around 45 average sized windows. We are lucky enough to have a four bedroom detached house with a 3x3m2 conservatory; I do not have 45 windows yet I am not able to clean all my windows on one charge... the battery simply can't handle it. I can only assume that in order to keep the machine as light and portable as it is, it can't be fitted with a larger capacity battery, which is fine but I clear indication that my battery is about to "die" would be nice. Many times my Karcher WV50 Window Vac just stopped working mid-window... no warning... flat battery = no more sucking :-(

Karcher WV50

At first I struggled to consistently achieve a streak-free finish to a surface. Perfectly cleaned windows one time yet smudged all over the next. I needed a perfect plan which I could follow every time in order to get my desired results.

Rule number one - buy a good quality window cleaner; failing this use washing up liquid (mix it with some water and use a spray bottle to apply onto the surface).

Rule number two - do not push too hard on the blade - let it glide without any pressure from you.

Rule number three - keep the edge of your blade clean - dirty blade = dirty windows / mirrors / tiles. Wiping it with a clean wet cloth works wonders.

Rule number four - clean your windows top to bottom and then finish it left to right.

Following these simple cleaning rules makes my Karcher WV50 Window Vac the perfect cleaning tool for my windows that I have ever found out there.

It's a great buy if you have some spare money and would like to make your life just a little bit easier. During winter times the WV50 is ideal for getting rid of condensation, especially inside the car. If you are a driver you know the problem I am talking about - ice cold mornings, time to go to work but your car is all steamed up... by the time your car air vents have heated up enough to take the moisture away you are late for work... This is where the WV50 comes to the rescue. 30 seconds later and your windscreen is clean, moisture free and most important, streak-free (there is nothing worse in the car than wiping your windscreen with a paper towel and then driving "under" the sun, especially in winter when it is so low in the sky).

Karcher WV50

So, if you can live without the narrow blade or a "gimmick" spray bottle (I said gimmick as it is just a plastic bottle and I am sure we all have one of those around the house) the Karcher WV50 Window Vac could be perfect for you.

Carole Woodhead

10th February 2015

By Carole Woodhead

Middle aged, loves family and friends

I recently purchased the Karcher WV50 Window Vac. I wanted something that was quick and easy to use to clear my windows of condensation, especially the bedroom windows. I wasn't sure how good it would be, in fact I thought 'yeah just another expensive gadget'. I was wrong, IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

The WV60 was on offer at Tesco but it was constantly out of stock so I decided I didn't need the extras you get with the WV60 and settled on buying the WV50 from Amazon purely because it was the cheapest and they had it in stock. I ordered it late Friday night and it arrived Tuesday morning via courier. It was well packaged so it didn't get damaged in transit. However when I opened the box it contained the WV50 Plus. It had extra items which I didn't especially want. I re-ordered no problem but got the same item back again. I rang them this time and, cutting out the boring bits, Jasmine at Amazon Customer Services said I could keep the WV50Plus at no extra charge and they were deeply sorry for sending me the wrong item twice! Thankyou.

Karcher WV50

So, after a little bit of messing about getting the product, I opened the box. Inside there was the vac unit, the large blade, an instruction booklet and a product registration leaflet and finally a charger. These were the things I expected to find. The extras were a spray bottle with wiping attachment and some window cleaning concentrate. As I am only supposed to be reviewing the WV50, that's what I'll stick to.

I was pleased with the quality of the product when I opened the box except for the charger. The wire seems rather thin to me. It came with some charge in it so I could use it straight away. When it is almost out of charge it cuts out, you can start it again but then it'll cut out again almost straight away. It takes approx 90 mins to fully charge so that's not too bad. The vac unit is nice and lightweight and even with the blade attachment clicked into place, which is easy to do by the way, it's still light and well balanced.

Anyone could use it, young or old. In fact, my son who is in his early 20's used it one morning, shock, horror. He doesn't DO housework! Think it was more the novelty factor coz he hasn't done it since!

Anyhow back to the review. The little rubber bung in the middle of the water tank is a bit fiddly but I'm sure it will get easier when it's been used a bit. The tank has a water level indicator so you know when to empty it. As I said before, the blade just clicks in and out without any fuss. When using the vac to dry my windows I found it best to move it quite quickly. I was surprised really because I would have thought you would need to do it slowly so it had time to suck the water up. Going back to the blade, the blade attachment is a bit on the big side for doing my smaller windows. It's not a problem though but if it was you can always buy the smaller blade attachment.

Karcher WV50

You can also use the Karcher in the bathroom. It's great for drying off the tiles and mirror after having a shower.

I liked the WV50 more than I thought I would. It's quick and easy. It's not too noisy either. Still can't believe how light and well balanced it is! Emptying it is no problem, pull the bung out, tip the water down the sink and it's done then you're off again. It's quite good fun actually, sad I know, aiming at the plughole and seeing how well your aim is. Said it was sad didn't I. Charging is of a reasonable length of time and you can use it for about 30 mins with each charge. Plenty of time! You can buy replacement blades and other items easily from Amazon when/if needed.

There are a few things I would prefer it to have or be different. You can't use it when it is on charge and you can bet it runs out when you have just started your last window! The charger could definitely be of a better quality. A tilting head would be extremely handy, especially when you get towards the bottom of the window. Again it's not that much of a problem, you just need to turn the unit sideways. Be careful though coz if you turn it too far and the water tank has much in it, it can dribble out through the vents. My hubby says a battery level indicator would be handy, yep I agree with that. It would be nice to have a proper storage case for it, the box won't last forever.

Karcher WV50

I would certainly recommend it to anyone. It takes the boredom out of doing your windows purely because it's so quick and easy. The only thing I would say is don't pay full price for it. £59+ is the current price but at the end of the day it's a lot of money to pay if like me you just want to dry your windows! It's up to you.

Steve Bleackley

20th July 2014

By Steve Bleackley

loves a bargain

Unlike most household electrical devices, there are not many different brands of window vacs. There's one by Vax, but not many shops stock it, so if you want to buy a window vac then it's really got to be a Karcher.

That's not a bad thing as Karcher are a good quality brand. When you hold the window vac it feels very solid and sturdy, yet is also lightweight.

However, having little competition, I do think the window vac is slightly expensive compared to a normal hand-held dust vacuum. Most shops sell it for £50-£60, but if you wait a few weeks and keep checking prices there is normally someone that drops it to £40. I bought mine from Currys for £39 (this was an online-only price, but I paid for it online and then collected it from one of their stores - this avoids having to wait-in).

Karcher WV50

They do several varieties, with the WV50 being the entry level, but the other types are the same base model just with more accessories.

It's designed to help you to clean windows and leave them streak free. It does a very good job of this, fully living up to its claims and being very simple and fast to use. Personally I'm not too concerned with having perfect windows and, except for the front windscreen on the car, I don't really use it much for cleaning. If it was just for cleaning then I think it is a good but unnecessary product unless you're fairly obsessive about having sparkling windows. The main reason why I bought it was to suck up condensation on the inside of our windows. We suffer from this in our house and drying it with paper towels is time consuming and messy. You could use a normal squeegee but that doesn't get rid of the water. The WV50 is perfect for drying condensation. It's quick and easy to use. All the water is collected in its tank, leaving the window bone-dry.

Karcher WV50

The most effective way of using it is starting at the top of the window and bringing it vertically down. However when you are doing this inside your house, the bottom of the window-vac will hit the wind-sill before the blade has reached the bottom of the window. You therefore have to do it horizontally at the window bottom. This is a bit more awkward, but it still works fine.

You then just empty the tank down the sink. There's a hole at the top of the tank with a rubber stopper which you simply unclip and pour the water away.

Karcher WV50

The WV50 was slightly larger than I expected (larger than hand-held dust vacs). This is a good thing as having a large rubber blade makes it quick to cover large surfaces. Smaller blades are available if you have a small or odd-shaped window, but the large blade is all I need. When it's switched on it makes a noise similar to a normal hand-held vac, so it's not too noisy. It also came ready-charged, which is something I like to see. It needs assembling when taken out of the box, but this is simply a matter of clicking the blade in place and then you're ready to go.

Karcher WV50

If you put your hand near the rubber blade, the suction doesn't feel that strong, but it's obviously strong enough as it works perfectly well.

In summary, if you think you need one of these, either for cleaning or for condensation, then you can be assured that it does exactly what it claims to do and is very easy to use.

Sam Applegate

18th February 2014

By Sam Applegate

I like bacon sandwiches.

If streaky or unclean windows are an issue for you, or you frequently find yourself spending huge amounts of time on them, this may be the ideal window cleaner for you. The WV50 is not limited to windows however, it can also be used on mirrors and showers as well. The Karcher WV50 has all the necessary parts to make cleaning a breeze but none of the non-essentials included in some of the bigger packages, so if you do not have many speciality jobs this might be the right option for you. Basic but really good value.

The nozzle's wiping width is 280cm which makes window cleaning happen at a fast pace and only takes a few swipes to get your windows as clean as ever. I used to find myself yelling at children who pushed their faces and fingers against glass but now I just see it as an opportunity to get that satisfying feeling of giving my windows a once over with this great piece of kit.

The Karcher WV50 is an extremely lightweight and easy to use piece of kit. It only weighs 699 grams so making use of this product should not be an issue for anyone, even children that like to help out around the house. The no-leak vacuum combined with it makes it very easy to get even those higher up spots without having to worry about water dripping down windows or on your face. Almost no window cleaning task is off limits here!

It comes with a rechargeable battery which has a use time of about 20 minutes per charge. This gives you time to clean 40+ windows without having to recharge the battery.

The only real negative point about this great little machine is that once it does need to be charged, it takes a couple of hours. If you have a window heavy home, you may have to pick up another task and come back to window cleaning after it has finished charging. It would be nicer if the battery lasted longer, but it does do an excellent job of cleaning windows and other surfaces. It will actually last days if you only use it for small jobs like the shower door or bathroom tiles.

You will not have an issue with streaky windows or condensation build up ever again after you buy this product. You will not believe how out of date the spray and wipe method really is! It also works great on counter top spills since the water vacuum is capable of picking up all kinds of liquid. No more churning through paper towels or smelly sponges - it's quick and easy.

The WV50 is also really convenient to store, even more so than its VW60 or VW70 counterparts as it does not have as many attachments. The machine itself is 130x90x355mm so you will not need that much storage space wherever you keep it - leaving room for all of your other valuables. The only required maintenance is to empty the 100ml waste water after each use, which takes no time at all.

May not be suited to larger spills as it doesn't hold much - but great for drying the car after a wash, drying house windows, benchtops, glass doors, the shower door and bathroom surfaces. Would be an excellent choice for caravans or a holiday home, really helps stop moulding from condensation.

I always have clean windows these days, thanks to this machine. Never do I find myself repeating a window or having to give spills a second wipe. This product will save you huge amounts of time and energy. If you hate the sight of dirty water dripping down your windows while you try to clean like I do, than this may be your saving grace!

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To read more on this model, check out the Karcher WV50 homepage here (opens new window).


  • Working width of vacuum nozzle (cm): 280
  • Container contents: wastewater (ml): 100
  • Time required to charge battery (h): 2
  • Battery running time (min.): 20
  • Voltage (V): 220 - 240
  • Frequency (Hz): 50 - 60
  • Weight incl. battery (kg): 0.7
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 130 x 90 x 355


Weight (kg)

Dimensions (cm)



Karcher SC2

2.9 (kg)

38 X 25.4 X 26 (cm)


Karcher WV2


18.6 X 12.4 X 30.6


Karcher WV50


13 X 9 X 35


Karcher WV60


13 X 9 X 35


Morphy Richards 720020


20 X 28 X 122


Vax S2S-1 Mop


22 X 29 X 120


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