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Choose an item from our wish list that you'd like to review.

2. Submit Your Review

Send us a review within 14 days of reserving a review slot.

3. Get Paid

Get paid via PayPal at the end of the current month.

We Need You! Get Paid to Review Stuff

You heard us right folks. We understand that in order to get truly insightful reviews on our website, we need real reviewers to spend time sharing their honest opinion. This is where you come in. If you provide us with a cracking review, we feel it's only fair that we say thank you by paying you some dosh.

This will be in the form of a percentage discount on the item in question.

So you not only get to vent your anger, or sing the praises of a particular item to hundreds of our visitors, but you also get a sweet discount in the process.

Whoooa! Hold it right there. We don't want reviews on just any old items though! Like a little boy at Christmas, we have our very own wish list.

Julie Caddell

Julie Caddell

"Easy system to use, helpful advice from proof reading team, fast payment. Would recommend as a great use of time!"

Richard Okill

Richard Okill

"Love the idea. I wrote my review and was promptly paid via PayPal. Impressed and will be writing some more soon."

Agata Pokutycka

Agata Pokutycka

"Fantastic for everyone who wants to share their views and earn some extra money. Highly recommended."

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. Select a question to reveal the answer.

Do I need to own the item to review it?

Yes! You should already own the item or be about to buy the item. We do ask that you buy the item from the price comparison tables on the website as we get a small commission from the merchant by referring you.

How do I review something?

Try to provide as much insight as possible. Speak your mind and be honest. Mention the little details that can't be found elsewhere on the web. Your review must help people make a decision on buying the item or not.

We have written some review guidelines to help you:

Download Review Guidelines

Can I do a video review instead of writing a review?

Yes! There are two types of reviews you can submit: a written review or a video review.

Do I have to include images of the item in my review?

If you are submitting a written review, you must include at least 3 original images of the item. Video reviews do not require additional images, but must show the item within the video footage.

Can I publish my review elsewhere on the Internet?

No! Both written and video reviews must be 100% unique and exist nowhere else on the Internet. Once you have uploaded the review to us, we own the content.

What happens if I don't submit a review within 14 days?

Your review slot will expire and become open to another reviewer. Therefore, please only reserve a review slot if you intend on writing a review.

If you do change your mind, please cancel your review slot as soon as possible. You can cancel it from your account page.

How do I submit my review?

Login and upload your review in the my account page on the website. You will need to register first.

How do I reserve a review slot?

Select the item from our wish list - click the green "Review" button below the item. If you're not already a member of you need to join for free.

What if you don't like my review?

After your review has been submitted, our proof-reading team will take a look. We're not too concerned about perfect English and grammar, but we do want the content itself to be top notch. Insightful, detailed and valuable to somebody wanting to buy the product.

If we don't think your review meets our standards, we'll provide you with some feedback and request a revision.

If you do not improve the quality of your review within 14 days of receiving the feedback, your review will be permanently rejected.

When will I get paid?

Once your review has been proof-read and published, we'll pay you at the end of the current month.

How am I paid?

We pay through Paypal. Simply send us your Paypal ID and we'll transfer the funds across at the end of the month.

How much do I get paid?

The percentage discount you receive is stated on our wish list. The discount is applied at the time of reserving your review slot, for our current best price for that item.

Review Guidelines

Don't know where to start? Fear not! We have written a rough guide to help you:

Download Review Guidelines

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