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The Gro Company GroEgg 2 Room Thermometer and Nightlight

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You can't go wrong with the GroEgg 2 Room Thermometer and Nightlight. The colour coded system is easy to understand, while the adjustable brightness is a nice touch.

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Sam Applegate

7th March 2018

By Sam Applegate

I like bacon sandwiches.

Bigger, better, sleeker? One could argue that the original GroEgg couldn't get any better. It was accurate (mostly), had an inoffensive design and well... did what it said on the box – measured room temperature. However the people at the Gro Company clearly disagreed, releasing the new and improved GroEgg 2 in 2017. So should this latest iteration of the GroEgg room thermometer and nightlight be at the top of your nursery shopping list?

Do I Need A Baby Room Thermometer?

As any new parent will tell you, figuring out what your baby wants is an endless guessing game. While a room thermometer won't be able to give you all the answers (if only), it does take out some of that guess work by providing you with an indication of your baby's temperature preferences.

Not only can knowing the temperature of your baby's room help your child sleep better it can also be an important safety measure. As Francine Bates, Chief Executive of the Lullaby Trust states:

"Babies who get too hot are at an increased risk of SIDS [cot death]. Getting a room thermometer will help you create a safer sleep environment for your baby"

This is where the GroEgg steps in. Not only does the GroEgg 2 show the temperature on its LCD display, there's a quick and easy to gauge colour code system which can also serve as a handy nightlight.

What's Changed

On a purely aesthetic level this nursery thermometer has evolved. While it's still shaped like an egg (of course), the GroEgg 2 has become streamlined. It's a little larger (by 33%), softer (it has a silicone dome) and dare I say the GroEgg 2 is little more pleasing to the eye thanks to the contemporary re-design.

For the most part though, the GroEgg2 isn't much different to its counterpart. Most importantly it still measures room temperature, but this latest version of GroEgg is marginally more accurate (to one degree) which is vital for baby's safety. Parents will also be pleased to hear that the GroEgg still changes colour based on the room temperature too:

  • Blue: 16C and below (Cold) – Tog 3.5
  • Yellow: 16C-20C (Recommended) – Tog 2.5
  • Orange: 20C-24C (Warm) – Tog 1.0
  • Red: 24C and above (Hot) – Tog 0.5

This colour coded system is a useful function, one which made the original GroEgg a bestseller. It's this same feature however where the GroEgg 2 pushes ahead of its predecessor.

It's The Little Things

The Gro Company has made a few tweaks based on feedback from the original GroEgg. Not only does the GroEgg 2 change colour (like the original), but it's adjustable too. That's right, you now have three different brightness's to choose from: Full, 1/2, 1/4 and Off. This permits the GroEgg 2 to serve as both a quick readout thermometer and a handy nightlight in one – perfect for those night time feeds - reducing the risk of disturbing your baby or stubbing your toe on the night stand (not again).

With the increased size, comes a larger digital LCD display to view the exact temperature reading. Something that was a little awkward to do on the older model. The GroEgg 2 also has a USB charging cable option, making it a whole lot more portable and travel friendly. A standard UK mains adapter is also available. A rechargeable battery would have been a more welcomed addition, but I'm guessing the mains power lead makes GroEgg 2 more reliable.

GroEgg 2: A Nursery Essential?

For those who don't already have a room thermometer in their baby arsenal, you can't really go wrong with the GroEgg 2. The colour coded system is easy to understand while the sleep guidelines provided (courtesy of The Lullaby Trust) help you decide what clothing and bedding tog to use. This is useful whether you decide to use the branded GroBags or simply use a different thickness of blanket. The brightness adjustment button on the bottom of the GroEgg 2 is also a nice feature making it much more than a simple room thermometer. While the soft to touch silicone is more practical and safer in the event little hands get ahold of it.

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To read more on this model, check out the Gro Egg 2 homepage here (opens new window).


  • Colour: White
  • Brightness Levels: 4 (Full, Half, Quarter and Off)
  • Display: Digital thermometer with permanent lit LCD readout
  • Materials: Soft touch silicone dome
  • Power Cord: Standard UK 3-Pin or USB
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 x 9.6 cm
  • Model Number: HC149
  • Includes: Instructions and safer sleep guidance courtesy of the lullaby trust


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